Christmas In Northampton Town Centre 2018

About Us

Northampton Town Centre businesses voted YES to becoming a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2011, and in October 2015 businesses voted YES to renewing the BID for five more years until 2020.

Resident businesses pay a levy each year which is pooled into a collective pot and worth around £1.7million over five years.

It is this pot of funding which is used to deliver the BID events, initiatives and projects in line with the BID Business Plan.

We encourage all businesses to take an active interest in determining priorities and planning projects to meet the aims of the BID plan. If you would like to attend any of our sub-groups or have suggestions for future BID projects then please get in touch with Chris Barker, BID Project Manager on and 01604 837766.

Our Directors

Alan Harland - Alan K Harland, Project Development Consultants

Andrea Smith - Franklins Solicitors LLP

Andrew Cruden - Market Square News

Brendan Bruder - Abbey Ross Property Consultants

Dan Roberts - Cottons Accountants LLP

Gavin Willis - Gavin Willis Creative Marketing Ltd

Jake Richardson - The Richardsons Group

John Sheinman - Sheinman Opticians

Cllr Jonathan Nunn - Northampton Borough Council

Leon Ducommum dit Verron - Greggs


Project Management Team

Rob Purdie

​Executive Director

Tel: 01604 837766



Chris Barker

​BID Project Manager

Tel: 01604 837 766


Kimberley Herbert

Tel: 07714 257 412



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